Brand New Eyes mp3 Album by Paramore

Brand New Eyesby Paramore

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 44:39


3.Playing God3:03
4.Brick By Boring Brick4:14
5.Turn It Off4:20
6.The Only Exception4:28
7.Feeling Sorry3:05
8.Looking Up3:29
9.Where The Lines Overlap3:19
10.Misguided Ghosts3:02
11.All I Wanted3:48
I have liked Paramore since I heard their single "Decode" on the Twilight soundtrack. I have always liked their edgy punk sound and how no matter how many studio albums they release they always still maintain that garage band quality. This album though is my favorite, in particular for songs "The Only Exception," "Ignorance," and "brick by boring brick." The band has evolved greatly in their songwriting skills. I also love how their title brand new eyes almost sets a theme for the majority if not all of tracks, since many of them talk about seeing things in a new light or for what they really are. Whether you are a long-time Paramore fan or you are just entering into the Paramore world you will love this album for its catchy tunes, awesome lyrics and great punk sound.
Before I begin let me say that Paramore is my all time favorite band. On my iPod i only have 6 songs from this album, but they are all amazing songs. Three of my favorite Paramore songs are on this album (Ignorance, Brick by Boring Brick, and Playing God) but I love all the songs. Ignorance is probably my favorite song of their's, because I love the lyrics and can relate to it. Overall, great album. Definitely worth buying. (: