Apocalypse Dudes (Re-Issue) mp3 Album by Turbonegro

Apocalypse Dudes (Re-Issue)by Turbonegro

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:10


1.The Age of Pamparius6:00
2.Selfdestructo Bust2:55
3.Get It On4:08
4.Rock Against Ass3:49
5.Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker2:11
6.Rendezvous With Anus1:59
7.Zillion Dollar Sadist3:20
8.Prince of the Rodeo3:45
9.Back to Dungaree High2:57
10.Are You Ready (For Some Darkness)3:35
11.Monkey on Your Back2:53
12.Humiliation Street5:54
13.Good Head4:07
14.Prince of the Rodeo (single version)3:44
15.Suffragette City2:53