Battle Studies mp3 Album by John Mayer

Battle Studiesby John Mayer

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 46:38


1.Heartbreak Warfare4:30
2.All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye4:35
3.Half Of My Heart4:10
4.Who Says2:55
5.Perfectly Lonely4:28
8.War Of My Life4:15
9.Edge Of Desire5:32
10.Do You Know Me2:30
11.Friends, Lovers Or Nothing5:59
Noran Azmy
John Mayer is simply a genius at song writing, and Battle Studies is no exception. Edge of Desire, Heartbreak Warfare and All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye are, in my opinion, the best tracks on the album--sensational lyrics. The single Who Says is also very good. If you're in love or have ever been in love, this album will definitely speak to you.
Mp3Caprice Moderator
The American John Mayer and his forth studio album prove the constancy of many facts. For example, from 2001 year John Mayer is a constant participator of music actions, he constantly releases albums and gives concerts. As well his light guitar additions and guitar solo became usual for fans. Calm ballads became much more sincere (“Do You Know Me”, “All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye”, “Who Says”). “Battle Studies” is light album, in which John Mayer rests and delights life speaking about different “heartbreaks”…