Believe mp3 Single by Mumford & Sons
  • 1 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:41


Why Mumford and Sons? Why?

These guys had a winning formula: their banjo-driven folk rock may not have been overly creative musically, but it was at least unique in the pop world. No one else on the radio was quite as ear-catching.

With this new track, "Believe," Mumford and Sons have lost the one thing that they really had going for them. Cutting back to your 'standard' acoustic guitar-driven band sound, this track simply does not have enough to make it stand out. This is not a bad song, but it sure doesn't grab you either. "Believe" sounds like Mumford & Sons are trying to sound like indie band, the National, but not quite making it. I for one, hope that they learn from this and go back to the style they started with; the one that first made them famous. 2 stars.
Mumford and Sons turned a corner with Believe. In my opinion the sound if this song is much less folk rock than their previous songs. This leans more to casual pop rock roots. While Believe isn't entirely whati from Mumford and sons, I'm still very happy with the song overall and enjoy it for what it is.