Berzerk mp3 Single by Eminem

Berzerkby Eminem

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I have this feeling that in rap, especially the one made by certain "veterans" artists but also in the new generation, there is the desire to return to the origins, and then recreate that spirit of competition that is lost through the songs and has moved on social networks. Eminem come up with a single "Berzerk" which is just a clear homage to the old hip hop/rap.

I happened to read a very interesting thing about complex, on how the sampling tool, which some describe as a form of homage to the artists championships, is widely and on all levels, used in the new single from Em

Starting from the same cover Em berzerk, it's a clear reference to LL Cool J album "Radio", produced by Rick Rubin, in 1985.

The same main sample of the song Em, "The Stroke" by Billy Square, in turn, "championship" in the video of the rapper

Another example of how a "sample" moves to use the song in the video is for the sampling of the Beastie Boys "The New Style" and "Fight for Your Right" within the song, while the same group is used for the video "So What'cha Want".

Other "gift" only in the video, it is during the frequency in which Mr Porter launches shoe, made with the effect of "backwards" famous technique used in the video "Drop" by Pharcyde

And finally, another reference to LL, always from the point of view of the video, the scene where the manager of Em, Paul Rosenberg and Rick Rubin playing cards is pretty much like the video of LL Cool J "Going Back To Cali" (1988) as always Rick Rubin, much younger, played and did the same feats with LL.
Too many homages in a only one song. Are those homages hiding a lack of creativity?
Just when you thought Eminem was out of the game, he comes back with another delightfully foul-mouthed hit, "Berzerk." This protege of Dr. Dre has cranked out hit after hit, drawing a multi-cultural audience and this single will continue that tradition. "Berzerk" features a mesmerizing thumping bass-line layered under Eminem's rapid-fire lyrics. "Berzerk" is definitely vintage Eminem and worth a download.