Roar mp3 Single by Katy Perry

Roarby Katy Perry

  • 1 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:43


I was kind of skeptical for what 'Roar' would be like when I first hear of it, but then the song grew on me and I eventually loved it. Katy Perry's new album was pretty dang awesome in my opinion, and this song is perfect for those days when you feel down and out.
You know, I'm going to be really honest. I didn't like Katy Perry til this song. I really respect her for being a good role model for girls. In a world where you have Ke$ha or Niki Minaj, Katy Perry is what we need. I actually heard this song for the first time going to a job interview, and it felt like a good omen. It's such a perfect song for teen girls, young girls, or girls in their late 20's on their way to an interview.
This song is great and appropriate for my 8 year old daughter. Katy Perry is one of the few women artist that my kids can listen to and this song is one of our favorites. Roar has strong lyrics that show a positive role model for kids. This song is also a fun song that we can really get into.
I was delighted when I heard Katy Perry was coming back this year! I patiently waited, and voila! Roar comes out! The song is really catchy and has very powerful vocals on Katy's part which really embody the song. Not to mention, the lyrics are quite uplifting too, contrary to what I thought to album was going to be. I love 'Roar' by Katy Perry and ultimately think you should buy it right here on MP3 Caprice.