Beyoncé mp3 Album by Beyoncé

Beyoncéby Beyoncé

  • 14 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 1:06:47


1.Pretty Hurts4:18
3.Drunk in Love (Feat. Jay Z)5:24
5.No Angel3:49
9.Mine (Feat. Drake)6:19
11.***Flawless (Feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)4:11
12.Superpower (Feat. Frank Ocean)4:37
14.Blue (Feat. Blue IVy)4:27
Beyoncé does what she wants. She has her own visions. She released her fifth studio album without any knew it before the release date. The album is also the best from her yet. It has whole different sound, in my opinion, than what we have heard from her before. Songs like Blue, Heaven, Rocket shows her from a more quiet, yet more emotional side than ever seen. The Song Rocket shows a far more confident Beyoncé where she experiments with genres and smooth R&B with nice guitars. But the album still has some of the powerful choruses that we know from Beyoncé. Here are XO, Pretty Hurts, Drunk In Love (which features her husband, Jay-Z as seen as many times before). In Drunk In Love Beyoncé sings one of her most inspirings vocals yet, in pov. Here she really up in the high note, and creates a beautiful track. XO is my favorite when we talk about simple pop songs, with a strong chorus. I find it is so beautiful. A song like Superpower is also worth mentioning as we see the great Frank Ocean, who in a short period has risen to be one of our times greatest R&B singers. In this track Beyoncé once again appears from the more emotional and downtempo side. It comes beautifully together with Frank Ocean's voice. On No Angel Beyoncé has a beautiful voice, which complements perfect with the production. Also one of the better tracks. All in all there is pretty much not one bad song on this album, because the album is so consistent. The album is a visual album. Beyoncé wanted to make an video to each track + 3 bonus videos. The videos represent the album as a whole beautiful. See previews of these videos on They are beautiful.