Blue Sky Noise mp3 Album by Circa Survive
  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:05:52


1.Strange Terrain (Album Version)3:59
2.Get Out (Album Version)3:05
3.Glass Arrows (Album Version)4:12
4.I Felt Free (Album Version)3:56
5.Imaginary Enemy (Album Version)4:25
6.Through The Desert Alone (Album Version)4:07
7.Frozen Creek (Album Version)5:00
8.Fever Dreams (Album Version)4:35
9.Spirit Of The Stairwell (Album Version)5:31
10.The Longest Mile (Album Version)4:04
11.Compendium (Album Version)1:49
12.Dyed In The Wool (Album Version)4:59
13.Get Out (Safe Camp Sessions Acoustic Version)4:06
14.I Felt Free (Safe Camp Sessions Acoustic Version)4:14
15.Dyed In The Wool (Safe Camp Sessions Acoustic Version)4:09
16.Every Way (Safe Camp Sessions Acoustic Version)3:41
Circa Survive, defying many expectations, threw so much of their weirdness out of the window and basically wrote a pop album with 2010's "Blue Sky Noise". Gone are the strange meandering songs that carve out a bizarre soundscape without leaving a hook. In place of Circa Survive's inherent weirdness are the best collection of 3-5 minute traditional pop songs of the entire year. From the uncharacteristically aggressive "Get Out" to the saccharrine sweetness of "I Felt Free", Circa Survive's catchy lyrics and melodies will worm their way into your brain and never wear out their welcome. "Strange Terrain" is one starts the album out with a bang with the exclamation "Where have all the signs gone? I don't know who I am" telling you they are outside their comfort zone writing in this simpler style, but Circa Survive have never sounded more comfortable. Closing song "Dyed In The Wool" is to beautiful and sad for words, and is the greatest song Circa Survive have ever written. This album comes with my highest recommendation, and don't ignore the bonus tracks! They are brilliant reinterpretations! 5/5 Album of the Year.