Bonkers 16: Maximum Hardcore Energy! mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bonkers 16: Maximum Hardcore Energy!by Various Artists

  • 59 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:43:13


Disk #1

1.My Direction (Squad-E remix) (feat. Emma)by D-Code6:04
2.I Can Wait (and Re-Con)by Hixxy5:15
3.Free Your Mind (Darren Styles remix)by CLSM5:41
4.Report to the Bass Lineby Re-Con4:31
5.Raise Ya Hands (Sy & Unknown remix)by DJ Robbo4:08
6.WTF (dub mix)by DJ Robbo4:20
7.Got a Feeling (Darren Styles remix)by Statik3:35
8.Close to You (Re-Con remix)by Clear Vu4:31
9.Rave Phenomenon (vs. Flyin' & Sparky)by Whizzkid4:08
10.Angels (Sy & Unknown remix)by Footprintz5:16
11.Silver Water (Darren Styles remix)by Footprintz4:00
12.Lost (Squad-E vs D-Code)by Squad-E5:31
13.Night Life (feat. Donna Marie)by Squad-E4:30
14.Devastated Motivated (and Re-Con)by Hixxy4:21
15.Only If I Had More (and Re-Con)by Breeze3:33

Disk #2

1.U R Everything (Cube::Hard remix)by Helix4:18
2.Dual Illumination (vs. Arkitech & Susi Ankah)by Sharkey4:21
3.SOS (Save Our Souls) (feat. Justin)by Darwin3:39
4.Give It All (Max Factor remix)by Cortez & York4:01
5.Spice (vs. Arkitech & Susi Ankah)by Sharkey5:50
6.D3A (Cube::Hard remix)by D2:11
7.New Zealand Story (CLSM remix)by Wizbit & Ponder2:50
8.Music of the Primesby Cube::Hard3:28
9.Over Meby DJ Wink4:01
10.Motion Makerby DJ Wink4:46
11.Nose Bleed (Ethos & Stormtrooper remix) (and A.M.S.)by Ethos3:17
12.Rock n Roll (and A.M.S.)by Ethos3:20
13.Music (Kevin Energy remix)by Ethos3:55
14.In Kontrolby Nu Foundation1:17
15.Tranzportby Arkitech3:11
16.Dark & Light (Setting Sun)by Cube::Hard3:17
17.Enigmaby Rampant Gammer3:33
18.Dominator (Brisk & Ham remix)by Human Resource4:22
19.Hit the Beat (feat. MC Sharkey & Kadi)by CLSM1:59
20.Drive Away (Faster mix)by CLSM4:52
21.One With the Beatby Rampant Gammer3:33
22.Bang Like a Motherby Sharkey3:50

Disk #3

1.Micro N2by Cube::Hard5:55
2.Invite the VIolenceby Scott Brown2:57
3.Hyperspeed (Sy & Unknown remix)by Adam Harris3:05
4.Caught Up in Your Love (Scott Brown remix) (feat. Lou Lou)by Sy & Unknown4:33
5.24/7 (Squad-E mix)by Eclipse3:56
6.What You Gonna Doby Scott Brown3:15
7.Don't Want This Night to End (vs. United in Dance)by Whizzkid3:15
8.Lost Generation (Nu-Foundation mix)by Scott Brown3:15
9.This Is a VIrusby Dougal & Gammer3:36
10.Wakey Wakeyby Scott Brown3:15
11.This Is How We Do It (Gammer's Muffin mix)by Scott Brown5:03
12.Go Berzerkby Scott Brown1:37
13.Body Flowby Gammer2:53
14.It's Not Reality (Scott Brown mix)by Ewigkeit2:30
15.Battle of the Mind (and Devastate)by Stormtrooper3:15
16.Rock the Jam (Hardcore mix)by AMS2:34
17.How Many Sukka'sby Scott Brown2:53
18.Ruff Ride Providerby DJ Kurt2:48
19.Sonic Boomstickby Scott Brown2:32
20.Knock Outby DJ Nosferatu3:37
21.Shotgun (AoF Reloaded) (vs. Nico E Tetta)by Art of Fighters2:41
22.Fuck the Railsby The A.M.D.A.4:33