Bonkers XI: Forevolution mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bonkers XI: Forevolutionby Various Artists

  • 53 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:35:12


Disk #1

1.Heavens Above (DJ Hixxy remix)by Adam Harris5:35
2.24-7 (DJ Breeze & DJ Styles remix) (feat. Melvinia)by Eclipse4:49
3.Free Again (and Fluxx)by Re-Con5:00
4.Steam (and Gammer)by G Spencer5:18
5.Takin' Me Higherby Darren Styles4:10
6.Falling In (DJ Hixxy remix)by DJ Weaver5:15
7.The Craftby Styles & Breeze5:22
8.Fall From the Stars (feat. Stefan B)by Dougal & Gammer4:37
9.Takin' Over Me (and Styles)by Hixxy3:53
10.Far Away (feat. Elaine)by UFO6:00
11.Close Your Eyes (and Impact)by In Effect5:53
12.Feelin' Fine (Darren Styles remix)by Ultrabeat4:39
13.Drop the Beatsby Styles & Breeze4:21
14.No More Jokin' (Sy & Unknown remix)by DJ Kambel4:37
15.Rock da Crowdby Re-Con3:59
16.Close Your Eyes (DJ Hixxy & Spacey remix)by 2 Players6:21

Disk #2

1.Cyberspace! (Exclusive Bonkers mix)by K Complex3:48
2.The Power Withinby Gammer5:04
3.Forward to the Past (Kevin Energy's Freeform edit) (and Chris C)by Kevin Energy2:42
4.Voice of the Abyssby Deviance & Desire4:00
5.John Peel (Not Enough) (Fergus Mayhem remix)by CLSM4:46
6.Gravityby Marc Smith3:41
7.Wicked MC (vs. CLSM)by Sharkey5:07
8.Sounds Legitby Brisk & Ham4:53
9.Hardstyle?by CLSM3:08
10.Get Downby Brisk & Ham5:47
11.Rock the Jamby The Blizzard Boys4:08
12.Let's Fight (Devastate's vocal Overkill remix)by Lee UHF3:46
13.Phat as Fuck!by Impact & Exert4:31
14.Utopia (feat. Sharkey)by Marc Smith4:09
15.Sirensby Scott Majestik2:52
16.Crowd Noiseby Devastate4:34
17.Funk D' Hardcore (K Complex Special Bonkers edit)by Sharkey5:37
18.Feelin' Good (and AMS)by Robbie Long3:48

Disk #3

1.Prince of Darknessby Plus System3:30
2.Taste the Rainbowby Brisk & Ham3:30
3.Let the Beat Dropby Scott Brown2:01
4.Definition of a Badboy (Hardcorevolution remix)by Scott Brown3:30
5.Stompby Dougal & Gammer4:40
6.We're Droppin' This (feat. Hyperbass)by Scott Brown2:57
7.Blinded (feat. DJ Storm)by Euphony3:42
8.Keep the Crowd Jumpingby Sy & Unknown2:13
9.Darknessby Plus System3:00
10.Angel Eyesby Brisk & Ham3:51
11.Blue Anthemby Plus System3:07
12.Come On (Sy & Unknown remix)by Scott Brown2:12
13.Fly With Youby Scott Brown3:29
14.Kickin' Hardby Gammer1:50
15.Dedicated (To Those Who Tried to Hold Me Down)by Evil Activities3:15
16.Pain Till I Dieby DJ Dione2:46
17.To You Who Doubt Me (feat. DJ Neophyte)by Evil Activities2:45
18.My Destinyby Dr. Z-Vago2:23
19.Self Destruction (feat. DJ Neophyte)by Scott Brown4:21