Brett Young mp3 Album by Brett Young

Brett Youngby Brett Young

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 41:44


1.Sleep Without You3:08
2.Close Enough3:07
3.Like I Loved You3:27
4.In Case You Didn't Know3:45
5.Olivia Mae3:42
6.Left Side of Leavin'3:34
7.You Ain't Here to Kiss Me3:38
8.Back on the Wagon3:34
9.Making Me Say3:08
10.Memory Won't Let Me3:32
11.Beautiful Believer3:32

Also by Brett Young

Brett Young is new to country music and he has won me over completely!! I love his song "In Case You Didn't Know". It sounds like something I would write if I had the talent. It's like he could read my mind. I also enjoyed hearing the track "Close Enough". This particular track is very meaningful to me because my man is a truck driver and he's gone a lot. right now, we live in different states ( I'm in California), but I will soon be moving to get close enough.