California 37 mp3 Album by Train

California 37by Train

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:50


1.This'll Be My Year3:30
2.Drive By3:16
3.Feels Good at First3:03
4.Bruises (feat. Ashley Monroe)3:52
5.50 Ways to Say Goodbye4:08
6.You Can Finally Meet My Mom4:40
7.Sing Together3:26
9.California 372:12
10.We Were Made for This4:04
11.When the Fog Rolls In4:22
This has got to be the best Train album since "My Private Nation". I love the Latin flavor of "50 Ways To Say Goodbye". That track was originally going to be titled "50 Ways To Kill Your Lover", but I don't think that would have gotten any air play.
Then there's "Drive By", which was the first release of the album. Pat Monohan really out did himself to drop this track first. He then appears on the Rachel Ray Show to showcase this brilliant album, which is where I heard 50 Ways To Say Goodbye and Mermaid.
Mermaid is a calypso sounding tune. I liked it very much. Now, just released off this album is "Bruises". I like this one for the lyrics because after all "We All Got Bruises." California 37 is the best of this San Francisco band yet!!

Rene Seibert
Five stars for our good friends Train Props guys ; seriously!! Love the new album! So what can I say about California 37? Well first of all this girl is a california nastive so I love the title!Trac 1" This will be my year" , let me first say this trac has a great beat and melody to it , I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone with the time or inclination, this one is one of my favoritesd and definately worth your time!Trac 4 "Bruises feat Ashley Monroe" is another favorite! Five stars again for this one!Trac 5 " 50 ways to say goodbye' not your usual Train style but a great one all the same! Like I sais, I cannot recommend this album strongly enough to everyone! Big Train fan here!Trac 7 "Sing together"was another surprise , it seems to this mp3 lover and train fan they really took the time to put real effort into this one! Ypou wont be disapointed!Finalloy, my last favorite trac is trac 8 "Mermaid" So trhere it is folks , sit back , listen , and enjoy the new train album " california 37" Its awesome! Til next time Red Rene