Can't Be Tamed mp3 Album by Miley Cyrus

Can't Be Tamedby Miley Cyrus

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 44:14


1.Liberty Walk4:06
2.Who Owns My Heart3:35
3.Can't Be Tamed2:48
4.Every Rose Has Its Thorn3:48
5.Two More Lonely People3:10
6.Forgiveness And Love3:29
7.Permanent December3:38
10.Take Me Along4:09
12.My Heart Beats For Love3:43
Everybody who follows Disney knows that Miley Cyrus started out auditioning for the new show, Hannah Montana, about a girl who is secretly a pop idol. Miley was chosen because her dad was the all famous Billy Ray Cyrus, the same guy who wrote the hit country song Achy Breaky Heart. Fame can really get you somewhere. Anyway, because the judges loved Billy Ray, Miley got the part, as long as her dad was involved as well. The people who wrote the show knew automatically that the show would be a hit, and because they have Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter, the show would get thousands upon thousands upon thousands of views total. In addition, because she was a pop sensation in the show, Disney made Miley a pop sensation in REAL LIFE. She released multiple studio albums, including but not limited to this one, Can't be Tamed. It is overall, like all of her other albums, very crappy. You see her get more of an edge here, which was a shitty move, because when the Jonas Brothers did the same, they lost their fame. She also made a cover of Poison's famous power ballad, Every Rose Has Its Thorn. Even though Bret Michaels is features, he plays guitar on this one, because C.C. DeVille hated the song. (C.C. DeVille was the lead guitarist of Poison at the time of Open Up and Say…Aah!) Bret Michaels, for one thing, doesn’t play guitar, and he also really sold out here. His fame in the 1980s faded away when the grunge movement rolled around, and he wants more. He does not realize that Miley is the big name on here, and that he does not get much credit if he does not song. The 1980s was all about singing and guitar playing. He’s reversing that formula here. I just cannot believe that Miley is doing this. Every Rose Has its Thorn is a classic in its own right. Why cover these old songs and ruin them? Anybody who mentions this song will remember Miley. Bad Album.