Cherrytree Sessions mp3 Album by Lady Gaga

Cherrytree Sessionsby Lady Gaga

  • 3 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:48


1.Poker Face (live at the Cherrytree House piano & voice version)3:39
2.Just Dance (live at the Cherrytree House stripped down version)2:06
3.Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (electric piano and human beat box version)3:03
These live versions of some of Lady Gaga's best-selling hit records are a must for hardcore fans of hers. However, they are unlikely to win her any new fans, as they lack the catchiness of the original records. Still worth buying!
Mp3Caprice Moderator
After receiving much attention and acclaim for her spellbinding performances, Lady Gaga is releasing the evocative live versions of her biggest hits. ‘The Cherry Tree”. It includes songs from Poker Face (Voice Version And Live at The Cherrytree House Piano), Nothing Else I Can Say (Human Beat Box Version And Electric Piano), Just Dance (Live at The Cherrytree House Stripped Version). It’s worth to buy if you like art of Lady Gaga.