Closer To The Truth (Target Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Cher

Closer To The Truth (Target Deluxe Edition)by Cher

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:07:43


1.Woman's World3:42
2.Take It Like a Man4:10
3.My Love3:32
4.Dressed to Kill2:51
6.Lovers Forever4:01
7.I Walk Alone3:23
9.Favorite Scars4:26
10.I Hope You Find It3:46
11.Lie to Me3:19
12.I Don't Have to Sleep to Dream4:42
14.You Haven't Seen the Last of Me3:34
15.Woman's World (R3hab Remix)4:02
16.Woman's World (Jodie Harsh Remix)6:17
17.Will You Wait For Me3:32
Robert McGough
This is Cher proving that she will never really go away. Because she knows her fans and what they want. True some songs did not stray from the big hits Believe but she added some great ballads along with some great fun and catchy dance tunes. Woman's World and Take It Like a Man- are true to her dance floor fans with the beats hitting on target with that classic voice. I Hop You Find It - is the best ballad she has done in awhile. Along with- Lie To Me- rings true of her 80's sound which I really love. Sirens and My Love are two of my favorite songs very deep rich sounds and vocals sound really great, and remember this is a Lady in her 60's WOW she sounds fantastic. Dressed to Kill- and- Red- keep the album pumping and she sounds better than any of the new Women singers out there, she really has proven her staying power. With this Deluxe Edition you get some great extra tracks and who doesn't love extra stuff!!! All said and done this is one of her best and its been about a decade since the last full album and well worth the wait. A true living Legend.