Dig Your Roots mp3 Album by Florida Georgia Line

Dig Your Rootsby Florida Georgia Line

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 50:22


2.Dig Your Roots3:35
3.Life Is a Honeymoon (feat. Ziggy Marley)3:05
6.May We All (feat. Tim McGraw)3:47
9.Good Girl, Bad Boy3:53
10.Wish You Were on It3:06
11.God, Your Mama, and Me (feat. Backstreet Boys)3:04
12.Music Is Healing3:33
13.While He's Still Around2:56
14.Grow Old3:53
Quarteryellow McCinderblock
Dig Your Roots is one of the best country albums to come from the last year. Not only is it a country fan favorite, but also it is lengthy, coming in with fifteen tracks, each of which is memorable.

Smooth - FGL relives their party-anthem origins, but unlike many of their original loud hits from Here's To The Good Times, it has a lot of creative substance in its lyrics, and isn't too dependent on party hooks and slogans.

Dig Your Roots - The title track. Not only does it feature BK as the main vocalist for the verses, but also the chorus sung by Tyler is cleverly written.

Life Is A Honeymoon - This is a country song with a Reggae twist, even featuring Ziggy Marley. FGL has been accused of having songs that sound all the same, but there is incredible variety in this album through only the first three songs.

H.O.L.Y. - Designed to sound like a worship song, H.O.L.Y. describes a love interest as a sort of "romantic savior." Spiritual, romantic, and irresistibly catchy, the fourth track probably deserved to be the most popular country song of 2016.

Island - This is probably the best track on the album that won't be released to radio. Brian Kelley leads the vocals for the entire song this time, continuing a romantic theme seen throughout the album.

May We All - This song is not only wholesome, but also it has perhaps the most traditional country sound on the album. But that is what one would expect when a track features Tim McGraw.

Summerland - Upbeat and sexy, this quick-moving song dreams about an ideal honeymoon beach retreat.

Lifer - Like on Island, BK takes over lead vocals again on Lifer. The entire song is an emotional promise to the love interest that he is in it for life.

Good Girl, Bad Boy - It's a fun story song about what the name implies, with love winning in the end despite the circumstances.

Wish You Were On It - A song about regret. It also has perhaps the best and catchiest instrumentals audible from even the intro.

God, Your Mama, And Me - Like H.O.L.Y., it's a romantic song with a chorus designed to be sung along. The Backstreet Boys add an incredible dimension of vocals on this track.

Music Is Healing - Another one of my favorites from the entire album. The song is a power ballad about their passion for using music to make people'e lives better.

While He's Still Around - This ballad is about the things Kelley wants to do with his father before he dies. This is an especially meaningful song given that the father of Tyler, FGL's other member, passed away in a helicopter accident years ago.

Grow Old - Another wholesome song that would be great for weddings. It's a song to the singer's wife about growing old together, and the chorus changes as they move into the older stages of life.

Heatwave - The album closes with Kelley leading vocals on the final track, on perhaps the most "PG-13" song. This final track does not disappoint, and is intense, sexy, and definitely "hot."