Dire Straits mp3 Album by Dire Straits
  • 9 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 41:44


1.Down To The Waterline4:02
2.Water Of Love5:25
3.Setting Me Up3:19
4.Six Blade Knife4:11
5.Southbound Again2:59
6.Sultans Of Swing5:48
7.In The Gallery6:15
8.Wild West End4:41
Not only do I consider this to be the Dire Straits best album, but I also think that 'Dire Straits' is one of the greatest albums of the seventies. Often overshadowed by the immensely popular 'Brothers In Arms', This album shows the Mark Knopfler at the peak of their roots/folk output. In an era of punk and pop,The Dire Straits were not ashamed to show their true colors, and and they did an amazing job of achieving it. Most people have heard of the explosive 'Sultans Of Swing', but the true magic lies in the other hidden gems in this album. The album kicks off with 'Down To The Waterline', which starts slowly, and then kicks off with spectacular guitar work, which we dont hear again until 'Sultans of Swing'. The next track, 'Water of Love', is among my favorite tracks on this album. Starting with a catchy drum intro, the folk influences in this song are hard to miss. 'Six Blade Knife' is a great ballad, followed by the bluesy 'Southbound Again'. But the true rocker of this album is 'Wild West End', which is worthy of Bob Dylan, and blends everything the Dire Straits stood for. Anyone who is a fan of blues, roots, folk, or rock will find something worthwhile in this album.