Distance Over Time mp3 Album by Dream Theater

Distance Over Timeby Dream Theater

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:00:59


1.Untethered Angel6:15
3.Fall into the Light7:05
4.Barstool Warrior6:43
5.Room 1374:24
7.At Wit's End9:21
8.Out of Reach4:05
9.Pale Blue Dot8:26
10.Viper King4:01
Dream Theater are back with another disappointing release. There has been much pumping by the band for this 2019 release since last year, claiming this would be in the vein of their "Images And Words" album. But this would be difficult to accomplish since two key members are gone (Kevin Moore on keyboards, and Mike Portnoy on Drums). This is an improvement from their previous album "The Astonishing" which is their weakest and most disappointing release. In the studio many things can be fixed; mainly LaBrie's voice which sounds awful live. Dream Theater have become a tecnical prog band. Gone are their melodic prog days. Their solos are so tecnically complex and unmelodic that one can't remember how the song goes. Only two songs stand out from the rest: Fall Into Light, and Barstool Warrior. Other songs that have some interesting bits and pieces are Untethered Angel and the second half of At Wit's End. The mixing is well done and the drums are heard well throughtout the album. Other newer prog groups are making better music, maybe Dream Theater should consult with them. It is ironic since the new groups are trying to emulate their Prog gods, and yet these have lost all sense of musical composition and direction. "Distance Over Time" is only for the Dream Theater die hard fans.