The Astonishing mp3 Album by Dream Theater

The Astonishingby Dream Theater

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:10:36


Disk #1

1.Descent of the NOMACS1:11
2.Dystopian Overture4:51
3.The Gift of Music4:00
4.The Answer1:53
5.A Better Life4:39
6.Lord Nafaryus3:28
7.A Savior in the Square4:14
8.When Your Time Has Come4:19
9.Act of Faythe5:01
10.Three Days3:44
11.The Hovering Sojourn0:28
12.Brother, Can You Hear Me?5:11
13.A Life Left Behind5:49
16.A Tempting Offer4:20
17.Digital Discord0:48
18.The X Aspect4:13
19.A New Beginning7:41
20.The Road to Revolution3:35

Disk #2

1.2285 Entr'acte2:20
2.Moment of Betrayal6:12
3.Heaven's Cove4:20
4.Begin Again3:54
5.The Path That Divides5:10
6.Machine Chatter1:03
7.The Walking Shadow2:58
8.My Last Farewell3:44
9.Losing Faythe4:13
10.Whispers on the Wind1:37
11.Hymn of a Thousand Voices3:39
12.Our New World4:12
13.Power Down1:25
Album review divided by two:
1. Entr'acte 2285
New overture, even instrumental passage, but this time on the Dream Theater style of "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence".
2. Moment Of Betrayal
Still the master plan the introduction to this new song, but the rest of the band comes soon, tracing the lines of a decidedly metal piece.
3. Heaven's Cove
The second act seems more in line with Dream Theater we expected. Even the initial arpeggio here is dark and mysterious, on the line to say "On The Backs Of Angel".
4. Begin Again
Still piano, associated with a melancholic guitar that only paints a slow start.
5. The Path That Divides
The song does not disappoint, and comes to its epic conclusion without losing the grip on our attention. We feel that with other plays also grow more ...
6. Machine Chatter
Brief introduction, with various sound effects.
7. The Walking Shadow
LaBrie's vocals back to songs like "The Enemy Inside" and a classic waterfall of notes like the old days concludes with a wink the first part of the piece, making us understand that although the entire album represents a rather atypical product for Dream Theater.
8. My Last Farewell
the pleasant chorus, so similar in melody to "Bridges In The Sky", is preceded by a short only of the sympathetic MorphWiz, a testimony of Rudess more creative and experimental.
9. Losing Faythe
The metal face of this act you take a break here, closing the eyes of the protagonist in mourning the passing of one who, we believe, is one of the major figures of history, Faythe.
10. Whispers In The Wind
Simple conclusion of the previous track, a short piano detachment.
11. Hymn Of A Thousand Voices
high content Step epic, complete with a rich present choir for the whole song, to support a LaBrie again protagonist.
12. Our New World
The riffing open and the introduction peremptory recall the atmosphere of the excellent "Gift Of Music".
13. Power Down
Other sound effects to another computerized intro.
14. Astonishing
The closure is entrusted to a super epic song or an instrumental piece, but something that has completely the structure and the sound of what we have heard so far. In conclusion a giant album with poor results.
Album review divided by two:
01. Descent Of The NOMACS
The first track of the first act is a simple atmospheric introduction, with mechanics and science fiction noises that gradually rise in volume.
02. Dystopian Ouverture
The overture in question is an instrumental song of course, much along the lines of the opening "False Awakening", on the album earlier.
03. The Gift Of Music
Needless to spend liters of ink deep down, this song presents Dream Theater more 'conventional.
04. The Answer
A short and sweet ballads. Acoustic guitar and a piano most present come together in a piece that recalls the slow songs of the last period, like "Along For The Ride".
05. A Better Life
But music is initially melancholic, highlighted by a piano rather sad, even if after only a minute evolves into a metal song.
06. Lord Nafaryus
This strange song does not seem to have anything to do with melancholy previous step. We can not tell if the piece is successful or is it a kind of meatloaf.
07. A Saviour In The Square
After the madness back melancholy, thanks to an even arpeggiated piece, highlighted by nightly keyboards.
08. When Your Time Has Come
Applause and shouts of joy recorded introduce another melodic piece: here we are on the sounds of "Goodnight Kiss" or "Solitary Shell".
09. Act Of Faythe
symphonic intro, with elegant synth, start the song.
10. Three Days
Even though this passage begins with the form of yet another piano ballad. If it were not for the work of James more interpretive here, almost recited rather than sung, we'd be getting nervous already.
11. The Hovering Sojour
Twenty-seven seconds of sound effects science fiction and little interpretable.
12. Brother, Can You Hear Me
martial footsteps and the sound of horses introduce the twelfth track, which lingers on sound effects rather medieval flavor, with a march played by the classical wind band contest the field with a rich chorus.
13. A Life Left Behind
Savatage? The piano playing of lower notes than usual, and is a base for a strange instrumental intro that eventually sports a bit 'all, even sacrificed and never mentioned Myung.
14. Ravenskill
This track a bit 'longer opens in a mysterious way, with space keyboards and few but essential shots on the ivory keys. Even the vocal lines are strange, rarefied, mindful of a song like "Space-Dye Vest".
15. Chosen
New piano, and again LaBrie. Now it is not surprising, the first act of "The Astonishing" has a specific face, and that is a big musical, which LaBrie is used in a more interpretive stance that technique.
16. A Tempting Offer
Reminiscences of the recent Dream Theater "A Dramatic Turn Of Events", with a stout and swollen riffing that fills the scene, topped only by bold keyboard. Only the melodies of James did not lose even airiness here, diluting the stifling atmosphere created by the music itself.
17. Digital Discord
Short instrumental passage consisting of computerized and disturbing sounds.
18. The X Aspect
Still piano, this time more meditative melodic.
19. A New Beginning
The tension built towards the end of the previous piece is unleashed, surprise, here. The climate is that Dream Theater of the early 2000s.
20. The Road To Revolution
The detachment from the previous song is abrupt, and we hear something more majestic, thanks to choirs and orchestrations and a middle of the guitar phrasing rather imperious.