Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection, CD6 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection, CD6by Various Artists

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:15


1.The Twin Dilemma (Extended Suite)by Malcolm Clarke7:20
2.Attack of the Cybermen (Suite)by Malcolm Clarke8:12
3.Vengeance on Varos (Suite)by Jonathan Gibbs6:53
4.The Mark of the Rani (Extended Suite)by Jonathan Gibbs6:48
5.The Two Doctors (Extended Suite)by Peter Howell6:32
6.Timelashby Elizabeth Parker5:53
7.Revelation of the Daleks (The Funeral Parlour)by Dick Mills2:20
8.Revelation of the Daleksby Roger Limb6:18
9.Doctor Who Theme (1986 - Opening)by Ron Grainer0:45
10.The Mysterious Planet (Extended Suite)by Dominic Glynn7:39
11.Mindwarp (sound effects montage) (Machine / Sil's Chamber / Test Room background / Light Tunnel Background / Force Beam and TARDIS / Time Bubble / Unfreeze)by Dick Mills3:59
12.Terror of the Vervoids (Extended Suite)by Malcolm Clarke8:27
13.The Ultimate Foe (Extended Suite)by Dominic Glynn6:49
14.Doctor Who Theme (1986 - Closing)by Ron Grainer1:20