Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection, CD9 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection, CD9by Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:05


1.Doctor Who Theme (TV version)by Ron Grainer0:43
2.Westminster Bridgeby Murray Gold2:08
3.Seeking the Doctorby Murray Gold0:42
4.The Doctor's Themeby Murray Gold1:13
5.Clockwork TARDISby Murray Gold1:18
6.Cassandra's Waltzby Murray Gold3:08
7.Rose's Themeby Murray Gold2:13
8.Slitheenby Murray Gold1:20
9.Harriet Jones, Prime Ministerby Murray Gold2:14
10.The Lone Dalekby Murray Gold4:59
11.Father's Dayby Murray Gold1:54
12.Boom Town: Suiteby Murray Gold3:01
13.Monster Bossaby Murray Gold1:38
14.Rose in Perilby Murray Gold1:32
15.The Daleksby Murray Gold3:00
16.I'm Coming to Get Youby Murray Gold1:13
17.Finding Jackieby Murray Gold0:54
18.Rose Defeats the Daleksby Murray Gold2:29
19.Hologramby Murray Gold2:15
20.New Adventuresby Murray Gold2:18
21.Doctor Who Theme (album version)by Ron Grainer2:38
22.Behind the Sofa (from More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS)by Mark Ayres2:25
23.Doctor Who 1986by Ron Grainer2:56
24.Doctor Who 1987by Ron Grainer2:40
25.Back to the TARDIS (version 1) (from 30 Years In The TARDIS)by Mark Ayres1:04
26."...and somewhere else, the tea's getting cold" (from "Survival")by Dominic Glynn0:22
27.Back to the TARDIS (version 2) (from More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS)by Mark Ayres0:57
28.The Doctor Forever (from "The Runaway Bride")by Murray Gold4:19
29.Song For Ten (from "The Christmas Invasion")by Murray Gold3:30
30.My Angel Put The Devil In Me (originally from "Daleks in Manhattan")by Murray Gold3:10
31.The Cyberleader Runs Amok (from "The Next Doctor")by Murray Gold1:57
32.Never Too Old to Shoot and Fly (from "The End of Time")by Murray Gold2:15
33.Emotions Get the Better Of Him (from "Victory of the Daleks")by Murray Gold4:34
34.Impossible Choice (from "Amy's Choice")by Murray Gold3:35
35.Glasgow (from "The Name of the Doctor")by Murray Gold0:58
36.Whisper Men (from "The Name of the Doctor")by Murray Gold1:33