Double mp3 Artist Compilation by Eminem
  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:39


Disk #1

2.Words Are Weapons F. D123:22
3.Bad Influence3:39
4.9-1-1 F. Real And Boo Yaa Trib4:01
5.Get U Mad4:21
6.Say My Name F. Xzibit And Nate3:18
7.Murder Murder3:16
8.Luv Me F. Obie Trice And 50 Ce3:38
9.Nail In The Coffin (Benzino Di4:00
10.We As Americans3:45
11.Lady F. Obie Trice4:42
12.The Realest F. 50 Cent And Not4:51
13.Any Man3:12
14.Can-I-Bitch (Canibus And Jerma4:51
15.Rap Game F. D12 And 50 Cent (U4:43
16.The Anthem F. Rza Tech N9Ne Xz4:17
17.One Day At A Time F. Tupac And3:28
18.Wanksta (Ems Version)2:38
19.Girls (Limp Bizkit Diss)4:01
20.Renegades F. Jay-Z And Royce T4:34
21.What If I Was White F. Sticky3:31

Disk #2

1.Turn Me Loose F. Limp Bizkit4:42
2.Go To Sleep F. Dmx And Obie Tr3:53
3.Off The Wall F. Redman3:48
4.Bully (Benzino And Ja Rule Dis4:46
5.Monkey See Monkey Do3:19
6.These Drugs F. D4:28
7.The Kids4:38
8.Bump Heads F. G-Unit3:49
9.Dead Wrong F. Notorious B.I.G4:37
11.Dont Approach Me F. Xzibit4:14
12.We All Die One Day F. Obie Tri5:04
13.Shit On You F. D124:43
14.Doe Ray Me F. Obie Trice And D4:37
15.Busa Rhyme F. Missy Elliott An2:42
16.Keep Talkin F. D-12 (Ja Rule A3:45
17.Hail Mary F. 50 Cent And Busta4:50
18.Luv U More4:07
19.Outro (Booking Info)0:43
Scott Johnson
I'm a huge Eminem fan and haven't even heard half of these songs, great album worth the money!!!!