Dream Police (Re-Issue) mp3 Album by Cheap Trick

Dream Police (Re-Issue)by Cheap Trick

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:04:45


1.Dream Police3:54
2.Way of the World3:39
3.The House Is Rockin’ (With Domestic Problems)5:12
4.Gonna Raise Hell9:20
5.I’ll Be With You Tonight3:52
7.Writing on the Wall3:27
8.I Know What I Want4:29
9.Need Your Love7:39
10.The House Is Rockin’ (With Domestic Problems) (live)6:16
11.Way of the World (live)3:59
12.Dream Police (No Strings version)3:52
13.I Know What I Want (live)4:44
Robert McGough
First things first, Yes I am a huge Cheap Trick fan, I have seen them many times as a opening band and as the main act and at all times they were fantastic, The Chicago boys really rocked -non-stop. Dream police is their next album after the big break thru- At Budokan. They managed to do it again and this was the studio album that gave them two Top40 songs. The title track and Voices. The title song lives up to the cover on the album, kind of a crazy mixed up world with strings and synthesizers and manic vocals and guitar that makes a great song. The song-Voices- shows off just what a great voice Robin Zander has and he could do a great ballad also. This House is Rockin' and Gonna Raise Hell did just that and they were great FM standards, Rick Nielson's guitar was shinning on these two tracks. The song- Need Your Love- was on the last album but this was the studio version and it was still very raw and fresh. The bass player (Tom Peterson) also had his moment in the limelight with -I know What I Want- and he made one of the best songs on the album, and we can't forget the powerful backbeat drumming of Bun E. Carlos, this guy keeps the band in a steady rhythmic motion. The hooks are all here in this power pop classic and with the extra live tracks and the no-strings version of Dream Police this is one solid album . So if you love Cheap trick this is one of the best, listen to this the whole way through, oh and one of favorites is -Way Of The World- live version also, please give this one a listen, your ears will thank you!!!