Dust Of Time: 1969-2021 mp3 Artist Compilation by Hawkwind

Dust Of Time: 1969-2021by Hawkwind

  • 81 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:45:58


Disk #1

1.Bring It On Home3:18
2.Sweet Mistress Of Pain5:28
3.Hurry On Sundown (Mono Single4:57
4.Be Yourself (All Good Clean Fu5:44
5.Mirror Of Illusion7:00
6.Master Of The Universe6:21
7.You Shouldn't Do That15:44
8.Silver Machine4:41
9.Seven By Seven (Single Version5:24
10.Born To Go (Live - Greasy Truc9:12
11.Down Through The Night (Live)6:19
12.Urban Guerilla3:39

Disk #2

2.Space Is Deep6:22
3.The Watcher4:11
4.Orgone Accumulator10:02
5.The Psychedelic Warlords (Disa6:49
6.Wind Of Change5:11
7.Paradox (Single Version)4:05
8.It's So Easy5:22
9.Assault And Battery / The Gold10:08
11.Spiral Galaxy 249683:49

Disk #3

2.Chronoglide Skyway4:36
3.Kerb Crawler (Single Version)3:44
4.Back On The Streets2:59
5.Spirit Of The Age7:21
6.Quark, Strangeness & Charm3:43
7.Hassan I Sahba5:24
8.Psi Power (Single Version)4:25
9.The Only Ones (Non Cross-Faded4:18
10.25 Years (Single Version)3:31
11.The Age Of The Microman (Live3:53
13.High Rise4:42
14.Death Trap (Single Version)3:53
15.Over The Top (Live)7:53

Disk #4

1.Shot Down In The Night (Single4:32
2.Lighthouse (Live 1979)6:28
4.Motorway City6:44
5.Who's Gonna Win The War (Singl3:37
6.Dust Of Time6:20
7.Running Through My Back Brain6:24
8.Angels Of Death (Alternate Sin4:30
9.Rocky Paths4:09
10.Virgin Of The World4:14
11.Angel Voices1:21
12.Nuclear Drive3:42
13.Looking In The Future4:06
14.Choose Your Masks5:34
15.Arrival In Utopia5:43
16.Solitary Mind Games3:57

Disk #5

1.Night Of The Hawks5:08
2.Dragons And Fables3:21
3.Needle Gun4:10
5.Moonglum (Live)4:45
6.Magnu / Dreamworker Of Time (B7:31
7.Cajun Jinx4:59
8.The War I Survived5:23
10.Tides (Live Bbc In Concert 1982:17
11.Wastelands Of Sleep (Live Bbc4:21
13.Ship Of Dreams5:19

Disk #6

1.Space Is Their Palestine11:50
2.Right To Decide7:36
3.Alien (I Am)7:50
4.Sputnik Stan7:07
5.Love In Space (Studio Version)4:50
6.Take Me To Your Leader5:52
7.The Hills Have Ears5:05
8.Synchronised Blue5:24
9.A Solitary Man5:06
10.Have You Seen Them6:59
11.All Aboard The Skylark5:26
12.Strange Encounters6:36

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