Frank (Music And Songs By Stephen Rennicks) mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Frank (Music And Songs By Stephen Rennicks)by Various Artists

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:04:17


1.Jon's Crap Songsby Domhnall Gleeson & Jon Ronson2:44
2.Ginger Croutonby The Soronprfbs & Stephen Rennicks3:42
3.Welcome to Vetnoby Stephen Rennicks0:45
4.Lay an Eggby The Soronprfbs & Stephen Rennicks2:28
5.Frank’s Dawn Chorusby Stephen Rennicks1:22
6.Jon Shares His Songsby Domhnall Gleeson & Stephen Rennicks1:09
7.Lone Standing Tuftby Michael Fassbender & Stephen Rennicks1:46
8.Work Begins in Earnestby Stephen Rennicks1:45
9.Creaky Doorby The Soronprfbs & Stephen Rennicks6:26
10.Be Still (Don’s Song)by Scoot McNairy, Darragh O'Kelly & Stephen Rennicks1:26
11.Idiot Shriekby Stephen Rennicks0:44
12.The Holidaymakersby Stephen Rennicks & Evanna Lyons0:59
13.Againby Stephen Rennicks0:39
14.Jon's Song Changed by Frank and Claraby Michael Fassbender, Domhnall Gleeson, Darragh O'Kelly & Stephen Rennicks1:23
15.Secure the Galactic Perimeterby Michael Fassbender, The Soronprfbs & Stephen Rennicks5:03
16.Brokenby Michael Fassbender, The Soronprfbs & Stephen Rennicks2:08
17.Viking Funeralby Stephen Rennicks2:10
18.Just Like ‘Paris Texas’by Stephen Rennicks2:19
19.SXSWby Stephen Rennicks0:58
20.I’m Just Meby Jordyn Aurora Aquino & Stephen Rennicks2:00
21.Frank’s Most Likeable Song…everby Michael Fassbender & Stephen Rennicks0:34
22.The Music’s S**tby Stephen Rennicks0:33
23.#FINDFRANKby Stephen Rennicks1:15
24.Lighthouse Keeperby Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Soronprfbs & Stephen Rennicks1:50
25.I Love You Allby Michael Fassbender, The Soronprfbs & Stephen Rennicks2:54
26.I Love You All (Credits)by Michael Fassbender, The Soronprfbs & Stephen Rennicks3:21
27.All Broken (Credits)by Michael Fassbender & Darragh O'Kelly2:08
28.Tuft (Credits)by Michael Fassbender & Stephen Rennicks2:10
29.Frank’s Cacophonyby Michael Fassbender & Stephen Rennicks1:20
30.Stop Signby Michael Fassbender & Stephen Rennicks2:24
31.I Love You All (radio mix)by Michael Fassbender, The Soronprfbs & Stephen Rennicks3:52