Greasy Love Songs mp3 Artist Compilation by Frank Zappa
  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:00:16


1.Cheap Thrills2:22
2.Love of My Life3:09
3.How Could I Be Such a Fool3:34
5.I’m Not Satisfied4:03
6.Jelly Roll Gum Drop2:20
8.Later That Night3:05
9.You Didn’t Try to Call Me3:56
10.Fountain of Love3:01
11.“No. No. No.”2:29
12.Anyway the Wind Blows2:57
13.Stuff Up the Cracks4:34
14.Jelly Roll Gum Drop (mono mix)2:17
15.“No. No. No.” (long version)3:06
16.Stuff Up the Cracks (alternate mix)2:01
17.“Serious Fan Mail”1:04
18.Valerie (mono mix)3:03
19.Jelly Roll Gum Drop (single version)2:24
20.“Secret Greasing”3:36
21.Love of My Life (Cucamonga version)2:05