Harmony of Hardcore 2019 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Harmony of Hardcore 2019by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:48:38


1.Harmony Of Hardcore 2019 (Continuous Mix 1 By Ophidian)by Various Artists1:17:01
2.Harmony Of Hardcore 2019 (Continuous Mix 2)by Various Artists1:18:31
3.Let The Bass Boom (Wavolizer Remix)by Brian Acardy4:12
4.A Fake Worldby Hard-Tex4:59
5.Restructureby Skinrush7:39
6.Sometimes (Cats & Coffee Machines)by Ophidian3:45
7.Mortalityby Adamant Scream4:52
8.Streetfighter (Audiofreq Remix)by Angerfist3:00
9.Eyes Closed To The Dark (and Ophidian)by Nosferatu3:57
10.Bring On The Orchestra (Harmony Of Hardcore Anthem 2019)by Ophidian3:33
11.Stuka (feat. Contagious Madness)by Edub4:14
12.Meaningless Code (and Engage Blue)by 6th5:20
13.Illusionby Bloodfire3:10
14.Guns (and Myosuke)by Broken Minds2:13
15.Ghostsby Fear Factor4:27
16.Red Lineby Freezer3:49
17.Return To Greatness (and Ophidian)by Tha Playah3:52
18.4th Dimensionby D-Passion4:16
19.Amplify (and Promo feat. Snowflake)by Tha Playah4:27
20.Bare Knuckle Fist (and N-Vitral)by Angerfist2:22
21.Sonarby Deathmachine5:13
22.Rise Or Drop (and Furyan)by Nosferatu3:43
23.Mysterious Detailsby DJIPE4:04
24.22000000000000Jby Nashuri4:17
25.Psycho Killerby Sei2ure4:12
26.Bounce Itby Art Is Dead4:23
27.The Next Evolution (Core Mix) (and Ominous)by Sequence5:10
28.Play Alongby MD & A5:15
29.Warrior Song (and Blaster)by DJ Mad Dog2:47
30.Fuzz & Fight (feat. Da Mouth Of Madness)by Unexist3:36
31.This One Is For You (Restrained Remix) (and Scott Brown)by Neophyte2:55
32.City Streets (Re-Style Hard 180 Mix) (and Re-Style feat. Ricardo Moreno)by Charly Lownoise5:09
33.Fightby Odium3:43
34.Gods & Devilsby Access One2:54
35.Hardcore Vibes (Versattchio Remix)by Dune3:47
36.Holding My Two Ballsby Proactive HC4:40
37.Fck Uby Tears of Fury4:04
38.Dissedby D-Fence4:03
39.One Way Up (and Damian Ray)by Crypton3:41
40.Up In Smokeby Miss K83:28
41.Diablo (System Overload Remix)by Unresolved3:18
42.Lose Your Mind (and The Sickest Squad)by Dr. Peacock4:04
43.Hanging Out (and The Victim)by La Casa De Hardcore4:18
44.The Dark (and Hyrule War)by Lunatic4:10
45.Young Birds (Project Stigma Remix) (and Dr. Phil Omanski)by DJ Weirdo2:58
46.Apologize To Nobodyby Chaotic Hostility3:24
47.Flikker Op (and Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz)by Tieum3:21
48.Dollar Billby Footworxx Militant Crew4:21
49.Bounce Again (and Hard Effectz)by Partyraiser3:01
50.Phonking Like A OG.by Drokz5:00