Heathen Chemistry mp3 Album by Oasis

Heathen Chemistryby Oasis

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 53:19


1.The Hindu Times3:45
2.Force Of Nature4:52
3.Hung In A Bad Place3:28
4.Stop Crying Your Heart Out5:03
6.Little By Little4:53
7.A Quick Peep1:17
8.All In The Mind, [Probably]4:02
9.She Is Love3:09
10.Born On A Different Cloud6:08
11.Better Man4:20
12.You'Ve Got A Heart Of Star10:15
I'm continuing through Oasis's discography with their fifth studio album, "Heathen Chemistry." It is supposed to be a return to their early sound. It is mostly successful in this endeavor if not oustanding. "The Hindu Times" has nothing to do with the title except for a bit of guitar that sounds like a sitar! It, "Force of Nature," and "Hung In a Bad Place" (which was written by guitarist Gem Archer) are awesome strong tracks to kick off the album.

"Stop Crying Your Heart Out" is by far the star of "Heathen Chemistry." It's at least as good as anything Oasis had done previously and is already one of my favorites. It has a slower pace, with a beautiful melody and lyrics that crescendo into the most notable track on this album to me.

"(Probably) All in the Mind" starts off with an almost Twilight Zone-y intro, and I like Liam's voice on this one; it has a rougher quality than usual. "She Is Love" is a love song from Noel, not your usual Oasis fare. It has a nice rhythm and is a feel-good track for sure.

"Songbird," "Born On a Different Cloud" and "Better Man" are great examples of Liam Gallagher's songwriting, something you don't see on Oasis's earlier albums. "Songbird" is actually Liam's first single. His songs may not draw as much attention as his brother Noel's but I like the tracks. Five stars for Oasis's "Heathen Chemistry." I love this band.