How The West Was Won mp3 Live by Led Zeppelin
  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:30:15


Disk #1

1.La Drone0:15
2.Immigrant Song3:42
4.Black Dog5:41
5.Over The Hills And Far Away5:08
6.Since I'Ve Been Loving You8:02
7.Stairway To Heaven9:37
8.Going To California5:37
9.That'S The Way5:54
10.Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp4:52

Disk #2

1.Dazed And Confused25:25
2.What Is And What Should Never Be4:40
3.Dancing Days3:42
4.Moby Dick19:23

Disk #3

1.Whole Lotta Love23:07
2.Rock And Roll3:56
3.The Ocean4:20
4.Bring It On Home9:30
Man...I wish I could see Led Zeppelin live...really. 'How the West Was Won' is probably one of, if not my favorite album by Led Zeppelin ever. My favorite song is What Is and Should Never Be...Great Album. Yes, you need to buy this album and listen to it from the beginning to the end because it's that amazing.
Grew up listening to Zeppelin; never a wasted moment. Thought I knew a lot about them till I listened to How The West Was Won. These albums detail just what I missed from a live show. I suggest these albums to all types of listeners. It will set a new standard for die-hard fans or those new to Zeppelin. One of the best albums I have ever heard.