Infest mp3 Album by Papa Roach
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:58


2.Last Resort3:20
3.Broken Home3:42
4.Dead Cell3:06
5.Between Angels And Insects3:54
6.Blood Brothers3:34
9.Never Enough3:35
11.Thrown Away9:38
Papa Roach at their best! This album shows what Papa Roach is made out of, and what they can create. Out of all the albums they have released, Infest is by far the best. Every song off this albums should be a hit. But even, though Last Resort was the only song that got huge and a lot of radio play, this album still rocks. If you listen to Last Resort than for example Blood Brothers or Infest, you will realize that Last Resort is not their best work. It is a great song, but they have better. With them talking about politics and suicide, this album reaches a lot of people and what the feel or believe in. Papa Roach doesn't get any better from here. This is their best and it will always be their best work. Even though, the other albums are great, this one takes all the money because this was released when they were fresh and had a ton of great ideas. They still have great ideas, but you just won't find anything by them that is like this album. This is a must have for anyone is a fan of rap and/or metal, because they can mix both and they sound fantastic. Also anyone who likes Papa Roach should have this in their collection.