It's Blitz! mp3 Album by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:28


2.Heads Will Roll3:42
3.Soft Shock3:53
5.Dull Life4:08
6.Shame And Fortune3:31
8.Dragon Queen4:02
10.Little Shadow3:57
11.Soft Shock (Acoustic)3:25
12.Skeletons (Acoustic)3:31
13.Hysterick (Acoustic)3:53
14.Little Shadow (Acoustic)2:53
I'm super late to the party on this album but now that I've taken the time to listen to it, I am not at all disappointed. This album has a little bit of everything that makes indie music great. This album is high energy and danceable while also being somewhat dark and ethereal. The production is spot on. I honestly feel like I wish this was the modern sound now in 2018. And the yeah yeah yeahs are still as genuine as they have always been on this album. Even though they moved to a sound that is primarily synth based, they didn't change the core of what makes thier sound stand out. The vocal are just as off the wall as ever and this honestly is an album that I wish I had listened to much sinner than I did.