It Won't Be Soon Before Long mp3 Album by Maroon 5

It Won't Be Soon Before Longby Maroon 5

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:02:37


1.If I Never See Your Face Again3:21
2.Makes Me Wonder3:31
3.Little Of Your Time2:17
4.Wake Up Call3:21
5.Won't Go Home Without You3:51
6.Nothing Lasts Forever3:08
7.Can't Stop2:33
8.Goodnight Goodnight4:03
9.Not Falling Apart4:04
11.Better That We Break3:06
12.Back At Your Door3:47
13.If I Never See Your Face Again3:18
15.Miss You Love You3:10
16.Until You'Re Over Me3:15
18.Losing My Mind3:21
Maroon 5 rocks!!! They have a unique sound,sort of a mix of rock, pop, disco. I even have my husband hooked!! This was the 2nd album I bought from Maroon 5 and it's had some hit off it. I've also bought their most recent album "Overexposed", it's also great!!!