Jake Bugg mp3 Album by Jake Bugg

Jake Buggby Jake Bugg

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:27


1.Lightning Bolt2:24
2.Two Fingers3:16
3.Taste It2:25
4.Seen It All2:51
5.Simple as This3:19
6.Country Song1:50
8.Trouble Town2:50
9.Ballad of Mr Jones2:39
11.Someone Told Me2:37
12.Note to Self2:41
I bought this album entirely on the strength of hearing him sing 'Lightening Bolt' on a TV show on New Years Eve...and I was so impressed when I heard the whole album. Jake Bugg sings about life experiences and for one so tender in years he has a very clear talent for song writing. For me this album gets better with each listen. I really appreciate the stripped back production that lets his voice and guitar be the prominent elements in his songs. There is a musical hook that keeps me going back for more. A very impressive debut album.
this album is very raw. give it a try it is very good. its those kind of albums that just get to you right away. there is so much emotion in it and everything. this album is a true piece of art.