Konk mp3 Album by The Kooks
  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:08:14


Disk #1

1.See The Sun3:36
2.Always Where I Need To Be2:42
3.Mr. Maker3:01
4.Do You Wanna4:06
6.Love It All2:51
7.Stormy Weather4:02
9.Shine On3:15
10.Down To The Market2:28
11.One Last Time2:38
12.Tick Of Time4:26
13.Bonus Track3:14

Disk #2

1.Watching The Ships Roll In3:21
2.Eaten By Your Love1:06
3.No Longer3:45
4.Fa La La3:01
5.Nothing Ever Changes2:15
6.By My Side2:48
7.Hateful Of Love3:32
8.See The Sun (Alternate Version)2:04
9.Brooklyn (Home Demo)2:26
Whereas Inside In/Inside Out was little more than a showpiece of the dream-like qualities of frontman Luke Pritchard's voice (alongside his alternatively cut curls, that is), The Kooks' second studio album goes by the name of Konk (named after the studio in which it was recorded) and seems intent on proving the guitar players aren't just there for provide a base for Pritchard's vague cries for love.

In short, Konk is great, and considering how terrible their 2011 release Junk of the Heart is, probably the best The Kooks will ever achieve--it is the album to own, therefore. It is replete with highlights, including See the Sun, Mr. Maker, Do You Wanna, Gap, Sway and Stormy Weather. Across the board, the tracks are good to great, even if the last three tracks (One Last Time, Tick of Time and All Over Town) seem to run out of steam a bit. It would have probably been more justified to name them B-side extras, considering their less impactful nature, but then again, the exact same thing was the case with Inside In/Inside Out.

There is little else to say. Konk is simple and tight, and THE Kooks album to own buy it and enjoy.