Language & Perspective mp3 Album by Bad Suns

Language & Perspectiveby Bad Suns

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 37:36


1.Matthew James3:24
2.We Move Like the Ocean3:10
3.Cardiac Arrest3:03
5.Take My Love and Run3:09
6.Dancing On Quicksand3:46
9.Learn to Trust3:35
10.Sleep Paralysis3:07
The best songs on this album are "salt", "sleep paralysis", and "rearview". These are gems that should not go overlooked by fans of alternative rock or even just pop in general. Also this album has an 80' attitude with a modern flavor. This album has influence from alternative rock and I also hear some indie rock and reggae in this album as well.
This was one of my favorite album as a teenager. My friends got me into it when we used to hang out and I've always enjoyed it sense. And to be honest, I don't usually like this style of music. But in this case, I find everything about the bad suns to be infectious and their songwriting is amazing. Their lead singer has an epic presence and the harmonies are on point throughout the album. It has a beachy vibe with some dark and manic undertones. But I like that that inner darkness never fully takes over. It just shows its teeth every so often. This makes the album feel like a living creation to me because I seems to harbor an internal struggle that you can only see if you really listen.

I like that this album is lyrically about searching for meaning and all the different ways people look for fulfillment. But it entertains so big question while managing to stay cool and keep itself together. All in all its brilliant because it captures the essence of being a teen or a young adult in america. There is social pressure to do something with you life but also social pressure to not care. And these ideas can't carry equal weight and something has to give. That to me is the journey of this album. And while I may be reading into it a lot, that if definitely what is has meant to me in my life.

But aside from deeper meanings, these songs are fire. This should have been the album of the year.