Les Misérables: The Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Soundtrack by Claude-Michel Schönberg

Les Misérables: The Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)by Claude-Michel Schönberg

  • 42 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:55:20


Disk #1

1.Look Downby Claude-Michel Schönberg3:17
2.The Bishopby Claude-Michel Schönberg1:35
3.Valjean's Soliloquyby Claude-Michel Schönberg3:19
4.At the End of the Dayby Claude-Michel Schönberg4:27
5.The Docks (Lovely Ladies)by Claude-Michel Schönberg4:04
6.I Dreamed a Dreamby Claude-Michel Schönberg4:38
7.Fantine's Arrestby Claude-Michel Schönberg2:00
8.Who Am I?by Claude-Michel Schönberg2:37
9.Fantine's Deathby Claude-Michel Schönberg2:52
10.The Confrontationby Claude-Michel Schönberg1:55
11.Castle on a Cloudby Claude-Michel Schönberg1:12
12.Master of the Houseby Claude-Michel Schönberg4:49
13.The Bargainby Claude-Michel Schönberg3:25
14.Suddenlyby Claude-Michel Schönberg2:32
15.The Conventby Claude-Michel Schönberg0:53
16.Starsby Claude-Michel Schönberg2:46
17.Paris / Look Downby Claude-Michel Schönberg3:14
18.The Robberyby Claude-Michel Schönberg2:52
19.ABC Café / Red and Blackby Claude-Michel Schönberg4:21
20.In My Lifeby Claude-Michel Schönberg4:17
21.A Heart Full of Loveby Claude-Michel Schönberg2:01
22.On My Ownby Claude-Michel Schönberg3:11
23.One Day Moreby Claude-Michel Schönberg3:42

Disk #2

1.Do You Hear the People Sing?by Claude-Michel Schönberg2:03
2.Building the Barricadeby Claude-Michel Schönberg1:44
3.Javert at the Barricadeby Claude-Michel Schönberg1:45
4.The First Attackby Claude-Michel Schönberg1:21
5.Little Fall of Rainby Claude-Michel Schönberg2:32
6.Drink With Meby Claude-Michel Schönberg1:42
7.Bring Him Homeby Claude-Michel Schönberg3:38
8.The Death of Gavrocheby Claude-Michel Schönberg2:45
9.The Final Battleby Claude-Michel Schönberg3:07
10.The Sewersby Claude-Michel Schönberg2:23
11.Javert's Suicideby Claude-Michel Schönberg2:55
12.Turningby Claude-Michel Schönberg0:38
13.Empty Chairs at Empty Tablesby Claude-Michel Schönberg3:11
14.A Heart Full of Love (reprise)by Claude-Michel Schönberg1:30
15.Valjean's Confessionby Claude-Michel Schönberg2:17
16.Suddenly (reprise)by Claude-Michel Schönberg0:54
17.The Weddingby Claude-Michel Schönberg2:02
18.Beggars at the Feastby Claude-Michel Schönberg0:29
19.Epilogueby Claude-Michel Schönberg8:25
I love this soundtrack. Nearly every song is a classic and is performed very well by the cast. The only thing I don't like about the album is the sound quality isn't good. This is because they didn't record in a studio, but actually on set. This is a shame but I do understand why they recorded it live.
I would still recommend it 100%. Fab!
Beautifully done and conveyed with passion. Not all performers are outstanding, but Anne Hathaway does a fantastic job as Fantine and the Eponine is phenomenal. Les Mis is such a wonderful musical that you can't go wrong with any of the recordings, but this one plays more strongly to the acting and emotion than other versions which tend to focus on the prettiness of the songs. If you want to feel the music, this is version for you!