Let It Be mp3 Album by The Beatles
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 35:10


1.Two Of Us3:36
2.Dig A Pony3:55
3.Across The Universe3:48
4.I Me Mine2:26
5.Dig It0:50
6.Let It Be4:03
7.Maggie Mae0:41
8.I've Got a Feeling3:38
9.One After 9092:55
10.The Long And Winding Road3:38
11.For You Blue2:33
12.Get Back3:07
if it's possible, this is an underrated Beatles album. McCartney is on top form with the glorious Let It Be, Get Back and The Long and Winding Road. The latter was arranged by Phil Spector which really annoyed Paul, but i love it.

John's best contribution is Across The Universe, one of his greatest songs. Great stuff.