Mad Season mp3 Album by Matchbox Twenty
  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:00:25


2.Black & White People3:45
4.Last Beautiful Girl4:03
5.If You're Gone4:35
6.Mad Season5:02
7.Rest Stop4:29
8.The Burn3:27
10.Bed of Lies5:22
13.You Won't Be Mine9:53
Richard Chapman
Matchbox Twenty solidified their place in alternative-rock with the release of Mad Season. The album provides plenty of texture with tempo and instrumentation. "Angry" is a great opening track with an up tempo syncopated rhythm which lets the listener become invested in not only the track the album. It creates a sense of the listener embarking on a journey. "Mad Season", the title track, is your typical groove inspired track with a bass line that keeps the song driving along. "Black and White People" starts to paint a musical picture with new instrumentation on the album with a great brass section that really start to hit hard towards the end of the track. "Rest Stop" and "Bed of Lies" are slower paced tracks, with beautiful lyrics and heartbreaking melodies. The depth of the lyrics on this album and varied melodies and tempos definitely makes this album a story. Listeners will become invested in the "journey" and will absolutely have to buy the whole album. It almost seems like an injustice for someone to buy only certain tracks, this ENTIRE album is a must buy!