Mary Shelley's Frankenstein mp3 Soundtrack by Patrick Doyle

Mary Shelley's Frankensteinby Patrick Doyle

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:09:52


1.To Think of a Storyby Patrick Doyle3:30
2.What's Out There?by Patrick Doyle2:52
3.There's an Answerby Patrick Doyle4:37
4.I Won't If You Won'tby Patrick Doyle2:01
5.A Perilous Directionby Patrick Doyle3:22
6.A Risk Worth Takingby Patrick Doyle3:22
7.Victor Beginsby Patrick Doyle0:54
8.Even If You Dieby Patrick Doyle2:16
9.The Creationby Patrick Doyle2:02
10.Evil Stitched to Evilby Patrick Doyle4:46
11.The Escapeby Patrick Doyle1:49
12.The Reunionby Patrick Doyle0:49
13.The Journalby Patrick Doyle1:05
14.Friendlessby Patrick Doyle2:12
15.William!by Patrick Doyle2:47
16.Death of Justine / Sea of Iceby Patrick Doyle3:57
17.Yes I Speakby Patrick Doyle5:40
18.God Forgive Meby Patrick Doyle1:00
19.Please Waitby Patrick Doyle3:21
20.The Honeymoonby Patrick Doyle1:20
21.The Wedding Nightby Patrick Doyle2:08
22.Elizabethby Patrick Doyle4:15
23.She's Beautifulby Patrick Doyle3:37
24.He Was My Fatherby Patrick Doyle6:10