Masters of Hardcore, Chapter IV: Theinvisiblestrengthoftheunderground mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter IV: Theinvisiblestrengthoftheundergroundby Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:49


1.The Bad Guyby Promo3:28 Neophyte3:28
3.Eardrumzby DJ Outblast3:30
4.Locked Downby G-Town Madness3:39
5.Suckerzzby Bass-D & King Matthew3:41
6.Headclapper (vs. DJ Buzz Fuzz)by The Masochist3:29
7.Go (vs. DJ Panic)by DJ Paul3:59
8.Demonsworldby Endymion3:35
9.Every Human Being on Earthby Three Village3:34
10.New Elite Forceby Virus3:48
11.This One Is for You (vs. Scott Brown)by Neophyte3:48
12.Buzyness = Buzzynessby Buzz Fuzz3:36
13.Do What You Wanna Doby DJ Outblast3:49
14.Control the Party (vs. Mad-E-Fact)by The Viper3:34
15.Buck Whylin'by Bass-D & King Matthew3:29
16.X-Citedby Buzz Fuzz3:28
17.Guess Who's Backby DJ Delirium3:26
18.Reloadedby Dr. Z-Vago3:40
19.Fingerprintz (vs. Nosferatu)by Wedlock3:40
20.Thrillseeka (Hard Creation remix) (and DJ Paul)by The Stunned Guys5:08