Hardstyle Top 100 2016 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Hardstyle Top 100 2016by Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:10:03


1.Dragonblood (Defqon1 2016 Anthem)by Bass Modulators5:19
2.Reload The Weaponby Bioweapon4:57
3.Just That I Knowby Respawn2:27
4.Stand My Groundby Energyzed4:07
5.Top Of The Worldby Pherato3:15
6.Higherby D-Block & S-Te-Fan2:54
7.Black & Whiteby Wasted Penguinz3:28
8.This Is Cyberby Cyber3:12
9.Deception (Reverze 2016 Anthem)by Coone4:12
10.This Is Hardstyle (and Energyzed)by Atmozfears4:25
11.The Gameby Noisecontrollers3:42
12.Compoundby Devin Wild3:36
13.Runby Wave Pressure3:36
14.Melody Madnessby The Vision2:54
15.Exhale (and Rebourne)by Dr. Rude3:08
16.Alchemy Of Hardstyleby Audiotricz4:00
17.Without Youby Refuzion2:57
18.Ninja (feat. Massive New Krew)by Psyko Punkz3:46
19.Carambaby The Prophet3:57
20.Brokenby Atmozfears3:16
21.Oldschool Styleby Chain Reaction2:52
22.Street Fightby Endymion4:24
23.Plata O Plomoby Gunz for Hire3:14
24.In Controlby Bass Chaserz3:11
25.Life Lessonsby Alpha23:36
26.Tuatara (Artifact Remix)by Crypsis3:28
27.Rumble In The Jungleby Zatox2:54
28.Paranoid (and Phuture Noize)by Ran-D3:31
29.Destroy Youby B-Freqz4:06
30.Reaper Of Soulsby Sequelized5:26
31.Illusion (and Nikkita)by E-Force3:54
32.Green Stuff (Malua Remix)by Mr. Puta2:59
33.Banaan (Ruthless Remix) (feat. Stepherd & Skinto & Jayh)by Jebroer2:34
34.Let The Pistol Goby Sub Zero Project3:25
35.Rock Now (and B-Front)by Adaro4:58
36.Wolfpack (and Tartaros feat. MC Jeff)by Frequencerz2:56
37.Never Stop Meby Hard Driver3:13
38.We Are Oneby B-Front4:17
39.Check Out The Drop (Kronos Remix)by Zatox3:33
40.Bigger Gang Bigger Gunsby The Pitcher3:24
41.Raise Your Fist (and Sub Zero Project)by Sub Sonik3:20
42.Lower Levelby Deetox4:21
43.Seven Sins (Operation Raw Anthem) (and Riho)by Digital Mindz4:04
44.Leviathan (Requiem Remix)by Warface3:06
45.Psychotic Tendenciesby Requiem2:02
46.Venomby Jason Payne4:33
47.Wrong Impression (and Titan)by Requiem2:04
48.The Truth (and Delete)by Warface4:41
49.Dismissed Againby Delete4:56
50.Strength, Domination, Powerby 3 The Hard Way3:20
51.The Jumpoff (and Michael Phase)by Mekanikal2:57
52.The Lost Empire (Emporium 2016 Anthem)by Bioweapon4:42
53.Keep Me Awake (feat. David Spekter)by Atmozfears4:13
54.Coming Home (and Audiotricz feat. Christon)by Brennan Heart3:02
55.Path Of Lightby Envine3:52
56.Late Night Swingby D-Charged2:19
57.Euphoriaby In-Phase2:46
58.Batman Attackby Dr. Rude3:39
59.Universal Language (Cyber Remix)by Coone3:31
60.Drop It Downby D-Block & S-Te-Fan3:44
61.Supernovaby Sephyx3:57
62.Wat (and Energyzed)by Atmozfears4:43
63.Falling Downby Pherato2:48
64.Zombies (and Devin Wild)by Audiotricz3:47
65.Inner Peaceby Wasted Penguinz9:10
66.Let The Music Take Controlby Raw Editors2:45
67.How Could It Be (Hardstyle Mix) (feat. John Harris)by Toneshifterz4:06
68.Take Me Highby Wave Pressure3:03
69.Unshakable (feat. Exilium)by Sound Rush2:44
70.After MF 2016by Psyko Punkz3:21
71.It's All In The Game (and Hard Driver)by Coone4:15
72.Desireby The Prophet3:08
73.Payup (feat. Losty)by Kamikaze3:13
74.Rampageby Hard Driver3:01
75.Wtfby Zatox3:31
76.Headbanger (and Sub Sonik)by Sub Zero Project4:44
77.Those Summer Nightsby The Pitcher4:20
78.Overdoseby B-Freqz3:22
79.Big Dickby Bass Chaserz3:35
80.I'm A Criminalby Gunz for Hire4:35
81.Stand Our Ground (Qapital 2016 Anthem) (and DV8)by Crypsis4:19
82.Willow Walyby Alpha24:16
83.Dark Moonby B-Front3:00
84.Ready To Rage (and TNT feat. Dave Reavan)by Zatox3:16
85.Lose Controlby Deetox4:10
86.Die Ganze Welt (and Alpha2)by Jack of Sound3:25
87.Rockstar (Sub Zero Project Remix)by Frequencerz3:37
88.Ultimate Victory (and Typhoon)by Regain3:23
89.Let Us Prayby Artifact3:03
90.Suicide (vs. The Pitcher)by Titan4:37
91.Fuck This Nation (and Luna)by E-Force3:51
92.The Worlds Beyondby Phuture Noize4:21
93.Rock It (and Deetox)by Break Zero3:51
94.Ways Of The Underground (and Warface)by Requiem4:39
95.Embrace Itby Delete3:23
96.Tchaikovsky On Eby Project Exile5:04
97.Violenceby Jason Payne3:15
98.Menace (D-Sturb Remix) (and Frequencerz)by Warface3:01
99.D.Y.F.by Hardcraft3:31
100.Chainsaw (Delete Remix) (and Titan)by Warface3:38