MCMXC a.D. mp3 Artist Compilation by Enigma
  • 36 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 2:30:16


1.The Voice Of Enigma2:08
2.Principles Of Lust - A: Sadeness4:16
3.Principles Of Lust - B: Find Love4:49
4.Principles Of Lust - C: Sadeness (Reprise)2:50
5.Callas Went Away4:30
6.Mea Culpa4:51
7.The Voice &The Snake1:50
8.Knocking On Forbidden Doors4:30
9.Back To The Rivers Of Belief - Way To Eternity2:13
10.Back To The Rivers Of Belief - Hallelujah4:17
11.Back To The Rivers Of Belief - The Rivers Of Belief3:30
12.Sadeness Meditationàmix2:42
13.Mea Culpa Fading Shades Mix6:08
14.Principles Of Lust Everlasting Lust Mix4:49
15.The Rivers Of Belief The Returning Silence7:03
16.Second Chapter2:15
17.The Eyes Of Truth7:15
18.Return To Innocence4:17
19.I Love You...I'Ll Kill You8:46
20.Silent Warrior6:14
21.The Dream Of The Dolphin2:46
22.Age Of Loneliness (Carly'S Song)5:13
23.Out From The Deep5:02
24.The Cross Of Changes2:26
25.Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi1:58
26.Morphing Thru Time5:47
27.Third Of Its Kind0:19
28.Beyond The Invisible5:00
30.Shadows In Silence4:21
31.The Child In Us5:06
32.Tnt For The Brain4:26
33.Almost Full Moon3:26
34.The Roundabout3:38
35.Prism Of Life4:55
36.Odyssey Of The Mind1:41