The Resistance mp3 Album by Muse

The Resistanceby Muse

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:18


3.Undisclosed Desires3:56
4.United States Of Eurasia (+ Collateral Damage)5:48
5.Guiding Light4:13
6.Unnatural Selection6:55
7.Mk Ultra4:06
8.I Belong To You/Mon Cœur S'Ouvre À Ta Voix5:39
9.Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 1: Overture4:18
10.Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 2: Cross-Pollination3:56
11.Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 3: Redemption4:37
After their first two albums, which were average, Muse struck solid gold with "Absolution", which was received exceptionally by critics and by yours truly. The album following that one, Black Holes and Revelations, showed that lightning can very much strike twice, with Muse delivering their best album to date.

The album is not fantastic from start to finish like its predecessor was, but there are still a number of highlights here that make it very much worth buying.

Specifically, the opening two tracks, "Uprising" and "Resistance" are some of the best Muse have ever put out. Uprising calls back to songs like "Newborn" and "Sunburn." Resistance would best be explained by comparing it to a pumped-up "Starlight", one of my favourite Muse songs. So yeah, there's a lot to like in those first few minutes of "The Resistance". After that, the album veers off into another direction, and the Queen influence basically becomes impossible to ignore. "Undisclosed Desires" seems like a mixture of Queen and hiphop, and although that sounds horrible, it actually turns out great.

The other notable thing about this album is three-part song called Exo-Genesis. The word is that they've been working on this set of connected songs for years now, and it is at the least interesting to listen to, even if it is a complete departure from the sound you've come to associate with Muse. It is not the best part of this album, but it proves that Muse is willing to let go of their previous work, and maybe grow on to become almost Radiohead-like in their endless inspiration. One can only hope. In the meantime, The Resistance is a great album and a worthy successor to Black Holes and Revelations. Very much worth buying, I'd say.
Muse is definitely the best band to come to the states since the likes of Queen crossed the puddle thirty someodd years ago.

The reason "The uprising" serves as such a wonderful opener is because it serves as an anthem to the oppressed. We as listeners may find ourselves occasionally oppressed by closed minded and repetitive Music that is commonly played on the radio, at clubs ect. "The Uprising" invites us to to open our minds and absorb artistic rock music.

The last three songs of the record are where Muse really gets the chance to show off their musical prowess. They all flow together in one song called "The Exogenous Symphony" Which is the Brainchild of Muse that has been developing over the last few years. It shows the masterful the musicianship of each band member at their best. Anybody who thinks of Muse as "just a noisy rock band" really needs to listen to The Exogenous Syphpnony. These songs collectively are enough to bring tears to my eyes. I simply do not posses the vocabulary to express the amazingness of this set of songs. STOP. just stop whatever you are doing, and go listen to it now, not the 30 second demos, just pay the few cents, get the whole thing and experience 13 Minutes straight of musical euphoria that is "The Exogenous Symphony."

-Thank you Muse 5/5
The three boys of muse have brought a long and unwieldy trip behind themselves. Smiled in the first years after her foundation middle of the nineties often as „irritating, nölende and superfluous tape“, the Englishmen with this album on Mount Olympus of the rock music seem to have come. The success the trio has worked hard, has remained to his style always loyal and has accomplished anyhow the trick to develop, nevertheless, from album to album and to lay out still a shovel. "The Resistance" got in Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland on place 1 of the charts and excelled with it all expectations. The fact that commercial success must not necessarily hang together with musical quality, nevertheless, one knows particularly in Germany – one thinks only of ringing tone frogs or the poor winners of various talent shows who gave a so-called "summer hit" to us already of the more often. If ears could vomit …

"Uprising" opens this CD in such a way as one expects it from muse. Great harmony, beats and sounds, it grooves and wobbles everywhere and completely independently of time one feels the need to move. About that the long pulled, lofty song of Matthew Bellamy who accuses an imaginary state power like so often in his texts and presents to her the textual middle finger: "They will not force us. They will stop degrading us. They can not control us. We will be victorious." a warning beforehand: One must already like the voice of the Briton, because just unstrenuous she is not. Equipped with the emotional expressiveness of a Thom to Yorke and the emotionalism of a hard rocker, man can already irritate.

The fact that muse also less conceited songs can write, they prove with "Undisclosed Desires" or also "Guiding Light". Then on "United States Of Eurasia" one may let off steam against it again hard.