Melody's Echo Chamber mp3 Album by Melody's Echo Chamber

Melody's Echo Chamberby Melody's Echo Chamber

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 44:28


1.I Follow You3:34
3.You Won't Be Missing That Part of Me4:16
4.Some Time Alone Alone3:46
5.Bisou Magique4:09
6.Endless Shore4:55
7.Quand Vas Tu Rentrer4:21
8.Mount Hopeless4:32
9.Is That What You Said2:29
10.Snowcapped Andes Crash5:16
11.Be Proud of Your Kids3:09

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This album makes me happy. It's so carefree and lighthearted on the surface. And even though there are some deeper more intensive themes if you listen analytically, I'm very content to just listen for the sake of enjoyment. This album makes me feel like I'm on vacation on a tropical island.

The use of layering and sonic space on this album is impressive because it really lives up to its name of feeling like an echo chamber. When you listen the sound really surrounds you in a way that many albums don't. And the vocal is haunting and yet sweet like a gentle ghost. And the drums on this album are outstanding in how they carry the songs and how they are mixed. It really makes the album incredibly surreal to listen to. It's also dope that Kevin Parker from Tame Impala helped produce this record and it is a sweet compromise because it sounds like him but it also sounds unique and not like an extension of Tame Impala.

All in all, I really have come to love this album and I listen to it often.