One Crimson Night mp3 Live by HammerFall

One Crimson Nightby HammerFall

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:48:46


Disk #1

1.Lore Of The Arcane1:44
2.Riders Of The Storm4:54
3.Heeding The Call5:00
4.Stone Cold7:10
5.Hero'S Return4:38
6.Legacy Of Kings4:46
7.Bass Solo (Magnus Rosen)3:37
8.At The End Of The Rainbow4:33
9.The Way Of The Warrior4:03
10.The Unforgiving Blade3:49
11.Glory To The Brave6:35
12.Guitar Solo (Stefan Elmgren)2:43
13.Let The Hammer Fall5:50

Disk #2

2.Steel Meets Steel4:37
3.Crimson Thunder7:29
4.Templars Of Steel6:10
5.Hearts On Fire4:03
7.The Dragon Lies Bleeding5:06
8.Stronger Than All4:29
9.A Legend Reborn5:10