1.It'S All Over4:09
3.Animal I Have Become3:51
4.Never Too Late3:29
5.On My Own3:06
7.Get Out Alive4:22
8.Let It Die3:09
9.Over And Over3:12
10.Time Of Dying3:09
11.Gone Forever3:41
12.One X4:47
13.Running Away4:03
14.Animal I Have Become (Stripped Acoustic Version)3:45
15.I Hate Everything About You (Acoustic Version)3:53
This is the first album in years that I have bought and enjoyed almost every song. Usually I buy two or three of the songs I like off of an album to save myself some money, but this was a great album. It's powerful lyrics, heavy riffs and overall full sound just blew me away at first listen. I have it in my car, and I haven't taken it out in over a week even when my total drive time is two hours a day. I am so impressed with the way they've matured and haven't sold out at all. A great rock album, one that I keep suggesting to all my friends.
I haven't been listening to Three Days Grace a whole lot, but I know they are rising in musical supremacy. This band has a lot of potential. The album "One-X" is known for its song "Animal I Have Become" If you never payed attention to TDG, you will probably recognize "Animal I Have Become" immediately. This album is a really great album and should be getting more "buys" than other albums. Support Three Days Grace!