Overgrown mp3 Album by James Blake
  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:30


2.I Am Sold4:04
3.Life Round Here3:37
4.Take A Fall For Me3:34
7.Digital Lion4:47
9.To The Last4:20
10.Our Love Comes Back3:39
While this album is not as expiriment al as his first and self titled album, it is still an incredible listening expirience. James seems to have traded disorienting musical tangents for a more organized and deeply emotional and vast musical landscape. It is almost as though James meant to shock everyone with his first album and then pull back into a more intimate creating space. This album still holds onto a spirit of chaos that made Jame's first album great but seems to tame it and channel it into a diffrent role and purpose. This really allowed james to establish himself as a producer that can work in multiple styles and that at the core of all of his works, he is truly an incredibly talented songwriter.