Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (Remastered) mp3 Album by Megadeth

Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (Remastered)by Megadeth

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:31


1.Wake Up Dead3:37
2.The Conjuring5:02
3.Peace Sells4:02
4.Devil's Island5:05
5.Good Mourning / Black Friday6:40
6.Bad Omen4:03
7.I Ain't Superstitious2:45
8.My Last Words4:55
9.Wake Up Dead (Randy Burns Mix)3:40
10.The Conjuring (Randy Burns Mix)5:02
11.Peace Sells (Randy Burns Mix)4:00
12.Good Mourning / Black Friday (Randy Burns Mix)6:40
Megadeth followed up their debut with what is now considered a thrash classic that battles with one other album in their catalog for the number 1 spot, at least to most fans. Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? is a highly regarded early thrash album that greatly due to the lyrical content had some pointing to Megadeth as leaning towards black metal. Lyrically the album is actually quite diverse but tends to be remembered for the few songs with occult themes. It also features one of the best Megadeth cover arts. The album kicks off with Wake Up Dead, one of two songs from the album that received music videos. The track features rather limited vocal moments and really is a technical showcase for the group with blazing solos and chugging riffs. The song goes through quite a few changes in its relatively short duration. Peace Sells is Megadeth's first big hit and begins with a memorable opening bass riff that ended up being used as the theme song for mtv news. The song is a critical look at how Dave believed the metal community at that time was perceived. Devil's Island is a song about a penal colony in French Guiana and is sung from the perspective of one of the island's prisoners who is facing his fate. The track features one of the better choruses on the album even if it is a simple one. My Last Words closes out the album with some really thrashy moments. The song is apparently about russian roulette. Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? is a proper start for Megadeth that shows the band had matured and were in form only two albums in. You can hear the band evolving not just musically but lyrically as well. Admittedly, i don't revisit half of these songs as i seem to share Daves' Sentiments on the occult themed tracks which he himself refuses to play live now. Nonetheless, having still gone over the album several times, there is no denying it is a classic thrash album and a big stepping stone for the band.
After their debut, Megadeth released their sophomore album, Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? The album is less schizophrenic than the debut, and this is, in my opinion, Megadeth's "true" debut album. Musicianship is excellent, great technicality here, and great thrash riffs. If you are looking into Megadeth, start here.

Wake Up Dead: Great opening song, great riffs. This is the song with the "spider chord" in one riff, just pure awesomeness. 20/10

The Conjuring: Great use of flanged vocals, written very well. 20/10

Peace Sells: The most famous song on the album. Overall, one of the best songs with a killer bass riff. (fun fact: opening bass riff sampled as theme song for MTV News.) 25/10

Devil's Island: Fast guitars, chugging riffs, who could ask for more from Megadeth? 20/10

Good Mourning/Black Friday: See Devil's Island. 20/10

Bad Omen: Focuses less on chugging riffs and more on technicality. A great song nonetheless. 23/10

I Ain't Supersticious: Great cover, turns blues into thrash metal better than any other cover song. 25/10

My Last Words: A great ending to the album. Contains so many speed metal elements that it isn't even funny. 25/10