Point Of Know Return (Remastered) mp3 Album by Kansas

Point Of Know Return (Remastered)by Kansas

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:37


1.Point of Know Return3:14
3.The Spider2:05
4.Portrait (He Knew)4:37
5.Closet Chronicles6:32
6.Lightning's Hand4:24
7.Dust in the Wind3:29
8.Sparks of the Tempest4:19
9.Nobody's Home4:40
10.Hopelessly Human7:18
11.Sparks of the Tempest (live)5:18
12.Portrait (He Knew) (remix)4:50
Kansas is mostly known for their hit singles "Carry on a wayward son" and "Dust in the wind" which is included in this album. Dust in the wind is a classic and heard in all places. If you are a fan of progresive rock, and are not that familiar with the band, this is the place to start. Although the album was released in 1977 it still sounds fresh and original. With intricate lyrics, stories, and instrumental pieces, this album takes you in a musical journey. Best songs are: "Closet Chronicles", "Paradox" "Portrait", "Point of Know Return", and of course the classic "Dust in the wind". This is the remastered version which contains two songs of the same album in different versions.