Quadrophenia (Remastered) mp3 Album by The Who

Quadrophenia (Remastered)by The Who

  • 42 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:05:45


Disk #1

1.I Am the Sea2:10
2.The Real Me3:21
4.Cut My Hair3:45
5.The Punk and the Godfather5:11
6.I’m One2:38
7.The Dirty Jobs4:29
8.Helpless Dancer2:34
9.Is It in My Head?3:43
10.I’ve Had Enough6:16

Disk #2

2.Sea and Sand5:01
4.Bell Boy4:58
5.Doctor Jimmy8:36
6.The Rock6:37
7.Love Reign O’er Me5:50

Disk #3

1.The Real Me (demo) [Pete Townshend]4:27
2.Quadrophenia - Four Overtures (demo)6:21
3.Cut My Hair (demo) [Pete Townshend]3:30
4.Fill No. 1 - Get Out and Stay Out (demo)1:23
5.Quadrophenic - Four Faces (demo)4:04
6.We Close Tonight (demo)2:44
7.You Came Back (demo)3:19
8.Get Inside (demo)3:11
9.Joker James (demo)3:42
10.Punk (demo) [Pete Townshend]4:56
11.I’m One (demo)2:39
12.Dirty Jobs (demo) [Pete Townshend]3:48
13.Helpless Dancer (demo)2:16

Disk #4

1.Is It In My Head? (demo) [Pete Townshend]4:13
2.Any More (demo) [Pete Townshend]3:22
3.I’ve Had Enough (demo) [Pete Townshend]6:23
4.Fill No. 2 (demo)1:32
5.Wizardry (demo)3:11
6.Sea and Sand (demo)4:14
7.Drowned (demo) [Pete Townshend]4:15
8.Is It Me? (demo) [Pete Townshend]4:39
9.Bell Boy (demo)5:04
10.Doctor Jimmy (demo) [Pete Townshend]7:30
11.Finale - The Rock (demo)8:00
12.Love Reign O’er Me (demo) [Pete Townshend]5:12